Tia & Tamera

When the American people hear the names Tia and Tamera, they immediately remember the lovable twins from the popular nineties sitcom Sister, Sister. Well, these girls aren't 13 anymore… since the show, they both graduated from college at Pepperdine University, continued their acting careers, and started their own production company. Now Tamera is engaged to be married and Tia is about to have her first child.

Tamera, notoriously single until her recent engagement, is jumping headfirst into the wedding planning process. Tamera always longed to have a committed relationship like her sister Tia and is now hustling to get everything ready for a Spring 2011 wedding in Napa.

Tia, the practical twin, lives a white picket fence existence in the San Fernando Valley with her husband Cory, a man she dated for over ten years before deciding to tie the knot. Tia and Cory both enjoy a relatively low-key lifestyle. But now that Tia has found out she is pregnant, their mellow lifestyle has been overrun with doctors appointments, designing the nursery and parenting classes.

Through the crazy simultaneous wedding and baby planning, these sisters will struggle to be there for each other. Even when tensions run high, they will always remain best friends. This amusing and entertaining series will give viewers an up close and personal look at the adult lives of these two adorable twin sisters as they navigate the ups and downs of being thirty-something.

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