Daddy's Girls

Picking up where Run's House left off, Daddy's Girls follows the exploits of Vanessa and Angela Simmons navigating their way through the fast lane of Hollywood all while applying the moral and valuable lessons their Daddy instilled in them. With the belief that these are the most formative years in his daughters' lives, Rev Run is determined to remain a source of strength and mentorship to his beloved girls despite being three thousand miles away.

With Rev's girls fully acclimated to their new city, Vanessa and Angela are taking the critical steps in setting up a permanent residence in Los Angeles. This includes finding office space for their successful Pastry shoe line. As cousin, friend and Pastry employee Jessica works to keep the girls grounded, eccentric and feisty neighbor Aliceia spices things up by encouraging them to embrace their hip-hop royalty lifestyle.

As part of Rev's deal with his girls, his one request is that Vanessa and Angela keep him updated on their lives with a simple state of the union email each day. Although dedicated to sharing all of their "business" with their Daddy, the girls are quickly learning that Daddy doesn't need to know everything. After all, what Daddy doesn't know can't hurt him.

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